New Year, New Animal

Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022. I thought 2022 was going to be the year of the rabbit, but it’s the year of the tiger! Well, I already found all these fun facts about rabbits so I figured I would share them anyway, that way we can all hop into 2022 on the right foot. Hope you find these little-known facts interesting…

They’re Territorial—That’s right, they look cute and cuddly, but when it comes to protecting their home, rabbits are ferocious fighters.  

They’re Not Rodents±—Okay I almost didn’t believe this one, but it’s true, rabbits aren’t rodents, they’re a member of the lagomorph family.

They Share A Lot In Common With Deer—Okay, not a lot, but they do share names in common. Female rabbits are called does while males are called bucks.

They’re Not Nocturnal—Rabbits are considered crepuscular, which means they prefer to be active around sunrise and sunset. Interestingly enough, cats, rabbits’ natural predators, are also crepuscular…

They Can JUMP—Rabbits may be known for hopping, but many people don’t realize they can jump up to three feet high and 10 feet long! 

They Come In All Sizes—Most of us are used to small backyard rabbits. But some breeds of rabbits can grow quite large. The largest rabbit on record was 55 pounds.

Well, I hope you found these rabbit facts interesting—use them to impress your friends and family.