Keep Your Tree Tree-mendous All Month Long

You know what really roasts my chestnuts? When my Christmas tree dies halfway through the holiday season. Nobody deserves brown pine needles all over their living room or a dead tree on Christmas morning. That’s why I’ve pulled together my top tree tending tips—to help everyone have a happy healthy tree this holiday season.

Get A Fresh Start—I know this isn’t possible for everyone to cut their own tree, but if you can, you should consider doing so. Trees start losing life the minute you cut them down. That means when you buy a pre-cut tree you might be buying a tree that’s already over a week old. Cutting your own tree is a great way to ensure you get a fresh tree. 

Shake It Down—Even if you can’t cut your own tree at least make sure you pick a healthy one. Look for a tree with minimal brown needles and then give it a good shake. If only a  few needles fall loose when you shake it, it’s a good one!

Recut The Trunk—Before you take your tree off the lot, make sure you have the trunk cut again. If you don’t, tree sap from the initial cut will make it hard for your tree to absorb water.

Put It In Water—Speaking of watering your tree, make sure you put your tree in a water-filled tree holder as soon as you get home. Like any other plant, Christmas trees need water to extend their life.

Keep The Room Cool—I know you probably want to keep your house cozy and warm, but your tree prefers a cooler room. Consider keeping the house a little cooler until you get closer to Christmas to keep your tree in tip top shape ‘til the big day.

Turn The Lights Out—I love lights on my Christmas tree. But like I mentioned, trees don’t like extra heat and lights tend to give off heat while they’re on. That doesn’t mean you should stop putting lights on your tree. I just suggest turning your tree lights off when you’re not in the room.

So there we are, my top tree tending tips. I hope they help your tree thrive during this holiday season. Happy Holidays!